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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video Commentary

Okay..so my ass was late in watching all the latest videos on World Star and YouTube so i caught up today and heres my response to what i saw...

"Window Seat"
 I started by watching the new Erykah Badu Video for "Window Seat". I read alot of crazy reactions to it on Twitter so i decided to view it for myself. I really dont understand what all the commotion was about, i mean the whole video is typical Badu. i LOVE her. i LOVE the video. i LOVE the song. i think shes AMAZING & i cant wait for the album! so the fuck what if she did get bucket nekkid. i didnt know her booty was that damn big so that was a welcome surprise but thats about it. Feel free to skip to the end so u can see her booty..lol..Watch the video below....

"Beamer, Benz or Bentley"
Now this video here. Lord. i LOVE this song and i happen to think that Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana are fiiiiiiione as shit! so i basically just stared at the screen the whole time bc i didnt wanna take my eyes off of them. but overall the video wasnt bad to look at. i will say this tho..Lloyd Banks' lips are getting noticeably blacker tho..ew but hes still fione! check it out for urself below...

Kelis, girl. I've always loved Kelis to death. i like the song but im confused to hell by the video. i didnt dislike it by any means but i just dont know whats going on. its nice to look at and i love the colors and everything but her titties werent sitting at an appropriate level for me. and the weird outfits and such kinda threw me  off but hey! whatever! i wonder if Nas has seen what his money has helped pay for. anyway, i like it and i think its pretty!!

Kat Stacks - @KatStacks
Kat..Kat..Kat..u hoe. i  was always told that the game was to be sold & not to be told. i guess she sold it AND told it. the first video is just like wow. she is so ignant. & her 2nd video only proves that shit. mannnn i have so many questions. i dont even know why im giving this bitch the time of day & watching these videos. i mean those bangs. her grammar. her titties. why is she giving peoples numbers out!!! oh em gee!! i cant. BITCH!! get a grip. this ho right here needs a damn intervention. too bad nobody else gives a fuck enough about her to even give her one. check this ho out...

First Video

Second Video

Monday, March 29, 2010

My First Post

So...I know my ass is late jumping on this blog train but im gonna try to make some shit happen here!! Theres NO telling where this might lead but i hope you folks enjoy.If you dont you can take your raggedy ass on somewhere else!! Heres a little info about me...My name is Jennifer, im 20-something years young, im the mother of one handsome 5, almost 6 year old boy who completely fascinates me. Okay thats enough about me!! i dont need all yall in my business!! if u have any questions feel free to ask!!
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